A custom detailing service designed specifically for motorcycles.
Motorcycle Detailing
Anything from a quick clean up to Scratch Removal, Chrome, Aluminium, Metal and Paint Polishing,  Leather Conditioning and Paint Protection.

We use a combination of traditional washing techniques and new processes such as steam cleaning (if needed) to get into nearly all of those hard to reach areas and remove any road grime.

We also use a metrovac blaster to blow dry the bike with warm filtered air, and remove all remaining water from all those impossible to reach places.

Motorcycle Maintenance Detail

A great clean of your bike with premium spray wax over everything
Average Price Range $100 - $150 - Depending on size/Condition
A great clean up of your bike where we remove road grime, bugs and tar then apply a spray wax over all paint and chrome to make it look amazing again.
Deep Wash
Bug and Tar Removal
Premium Spray Wax Applied over Paint and Chrome
Add Ons
3 Month Spray Sealant + $20
3 Month Show Car Wax + $30
6 Month Polymer Paint Sealant +$40
12 Month Polymer Paint Sealant +$60
12-18 Month Spray Coating + $100

Aluminium or Metal polishing +$25 per 15 Mins
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Motorcycle Restoration Detail

Deep Wash and Decontamination, Clay Bar, Paint and Chrome Polishing, 12 Month Sealant
Average Price Range $180 - $300 - Depending on work done
We start with full wash and chemical decontamination of the bike followed up by a full clay bar to make sure we are starting with a fresh surface ready for paint correction.

After we dry the bike with a combination of soft micro fibre towels and warm air to blow out and remove as much water as possible we carefully polish the paintwork with a variety of pads and polishes in order to remove light to medium defects, swirl marks and scratches.

A bonding agent and polymer sealant is them applied to protect the paint for the next 6-12 months.

* Spray Coatings are now also available that leave an unbeatable shine and protection.
Everything in the Motorcycle Maintenance Detail PLUS

+ Clay Bar
+ Multi Stage Paint and Chrome Polishing
+ 2 Stage 12 Month Paint Sealant
Add Ons
3 Month Show Car Wax + $30
Aluminium or Metal polishing + $25 per 15 Mins

Optional instead of Paint Sealant
12-18 Month Spray Coating + $40

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As Usual, all Pricing Depends on vehicle size and condition
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