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Polishing and Paint Correction (Cut and Polish)
Paint Correction is the Process of carefully removing damaged paint.

It is also a highly skilled job to perform correctly that takes time and dedication to achieve outstanding results, especially when it comes to black cars.
Polishing and Paint Correction (Cut and Polish)
Beware of any operator claiming to "Cut and Polish" your car within a few hours as generally the process will require a minimum of around 4 hours and on some cars easily up to 10 hours +

Our Paint Correction Package starts at $119 for the Decontamination and prep work for a small car plus $60/Hr for paint correction (Minimum 3 hours Plus sealant or paint protection application times)

This Package is highly recommended for Black cars as they show up every little defect including swirl marks, holograms and Scratches, although nearly every car can benefit from having this work performed.

Please contact us if you are interested in this package as a quote of the vehicle is mandatory prior to booking.
Paint Correction is recommended for vehicles in average to bad condition with medium to heavy swirl marks, scratches or faded/oxidized paint.

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Paint Correction
Paint Correction
Full Paint Correction (Cut and Polish)
Average Price From $119 Prep and $60/hr Paint Correction
This package is also recommended for black or darker coloured cars or for a car where you want a show quality finish.

After Fully Decontaminating the paintwork, including bug and tar removal, iron removal, and a clay bar, we perform a test patch to see how much work is required to bring the paintwork back to life.

We then remove Medium to Deep Scratches, Swirl Marks and RIDs where necessary via multiple passes with various cutting compounds and foam pads, and afterwards completely Polish the paintwork with a Finishing Polish and a Dual Action Polisher to remove any light scratches that may remain. 

Small areas are also polished with a small 3 inch polishing pad so we can get into all those little areas properly like A pillars, mirrors, and bumpers and around badges. Some areas are polished by hand if there is no alternative, this is a time consuming process.

Lastly we apply a bonding agent and high Quality Sealant to leave an outstanding result and protect the paint for 6-12 months.

An inspection prior to quoting is needed at this level in order to give you an accurate estimate.

We are able to perform paint correction mobile, however in some instances it is much better for the vehicle to be at our premises to complete this detail package in order for us to control the variables, such as wind and weather.

The time needed can be anywhere from around day (6-8 Hours) to a full week depending on the work needed and the end result wanted.

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All Pricing Depends on vehicle size and condition
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