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The Detailing Process
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With all our full Detailing Packages, we first start with cleaning out the inside of the vehicle.
Inside - Part 1
As with our interior detailing packages, We start by blowing out the full interior with compressed air and a tornador gun to loosen embedded dirt, grass and sand from carpet fibres and otherwise hard to reach areas including door pockets and consoles.

We then give the whole car including the boot and under the seats a thorough deep vacuum to remove everything that we loosened up in the previous step.

Next the Interior and Floor mats are lightly cleaned with a professional interior cleaner and/or Steam cleaned depending on factors and condition.

All Controls, consoles/cupholders, door trims, and very dirty areas are then cleaned with a professional interior cleaner designed specifically for vehicles and suitable for plastic, vinyl, wood and other surfaces without causing any harm.

At this point we switch to the exterior.

If the engine is being detailed, this is what we would clean next, followed by a clean of the door jambs before we finally get to start cleaning the exterior of the car.

We start with a high pressure rinse to remove any caked on dirt or mud, followed by spraying any bugs, greasy spots, wheels, wheel arches and any other areas needed with a gentle yet effective premium all purpose degreaser /bug remover and letting it sit for a bit.

We then give the car a foam bath to soften the dirt and grime on the car, and to get in to all the areas we can't otherwise reach.

After letting this foam sit for a minimum of several minutes, we rinse and proceed to clean the entire vehicle with the 3 bucket method, starting with the wheels and arches, then the entire car after.

We rinse again, and then once more but this time with a TDS water filter system that removes the contaminants from the water and leaves pure water to completely eliminate or drastically minimise the chance of water spotting.

The car is then properly dried with high quality microfibre drying towels from Gyeon, and our Metro Blaster Sidekick to blow water out of all the spots it likes to hide, such as wheels, door jambs, grilles and foglights.

If the car is getting a Wax or Machine Polish, this is where we would perform that, otherwise a high quality spray wax or spray sealant is applied to all the paint and chrome and wheels. This is followed by the tyres being dressed with a no sling non greasy dressing and the exterior trim being treated ( if applicable)

Now we switch back to the inside to finish off the car.

Inside - Part 2
After the door jambs are spray waxed, The inside windows and mirrors are then cleaned, sometimes this takes a few passes if a build up of film exists.

The dash and all interior plastics, vinyl, woodgrain and controls are protected with a Premium UV Protectant that leaves a satin finish effect that is also non greasy and silicone free.

If there is leather, it is now protected/conditioned.

Lastly one of our Premium Air Fresheners from Dodo Juice is applied that leaves a beautiful real scent that isn't overpowering
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